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Herrich - Testimonials

The Hèrrich’s mud mask & Lint Bio-cellulose mask are really nice. The mud mask doesn’t have those stinky smell like some other brands have and it doesn’t make my face dry~ I used quite a few other brands’ mud mask before, which mostly I am sensitive to it and feels itchy but Hèrrich’s mud mask won’t make my face sensitive and personally feel the effect is much better than some other common brands.

Herrich - Testimonials
Herrich - Testimonials

Rating : 4.8 / 5

The Linth Bio-cellulose mask on the other hand hydrates my face very well. The mask itself is on the thinner side hence will stick to my face well. To be exact, the best fitting mask I ever had. The serum is just nice amount, maybe slightly more will be better but good enough. After using it, the serum could absorb into my face very fast and my face feels like will glow🤣 I can feel my skin become better with just using the mask once. 👏 Already repurchase!

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