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Herrich - Testimonials
Herrich - Testimonials


Herrich - Testimonials


Hi Greetings! 😊

Welcome to unfiltered and honest review of Weissen Active Mud Mask + Linth Bio-Cellulose Mask from HÉRRLICH. SO basically I have experienced a really bad skin condition before this. The nightmare began when I have actually tried out the skincare product that has claimed able to brighten up my skintone as well as giving me a real flawless skin but in fact that that product really made me so disappointed and upset that my skin condition went really bad. SO I decided to post BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my face at it worst condition and amazing results after using HÉRRLICH skincare products which is really my life savor!


As you guys can see my face was totally breakout. It was miserable experience that I ever had! My mood was completely bad at that time that I even refused to go out because I had lost my confident. Not forget to mention that I have actually searched for many ways to solve my skin condition but none of them have actually solved my skin problem. To be honest I was near to give up as I have spent tons of money just to cure my skin condition. But yay thanks God! Finally I get to know this Weissen Active Mud Mask and Linth Bio-Cellulose from this brand. I get to know this brand from one of my friends as she said she has been using this product for months and she really liked it. SO I visited their official website and have a look. (They have Facebook and Instagram official account as well). And finally I took an attempt to try out their skincare products as the ingredients that they used sounds promising.

Herrich - Testimonials

SO here what I have bought from their official store – Doppel Professional Gift Box. Inside of this box contained 1 box of Linth Bio-Cellulose Mask (5 sheets of masks) and 2 jars of Weissen Active Mud Mask. I have applied the Weissen Active Mud Mask first and leave it for around 10 to 15 minutes after cleansing my face. And what I get is WOW! This mud mask really kind to your skin where I don’t feel any irritation during the application. I have learnt that after the application there are some noticeable changes:

Rating: 4.7/5.0

The reason I gave 4.7 is because the quality of this mud mask is really impressive. Really falling in love with this product honestly! I used it for two to three times per week. Depends on how frequent I have applied my makeup within one week. Another reason could be that its really hard to find the mud mask that really suitable for my acne skin without feeling any irritation! SO definitely I will repurchase this product for sure in future.


Herrich - Testimonials

The Linth Bio-Cellulose Mask came together with mud mask in the Doppel Professional Gift Box. I used to apply this mask only after the exfoliation from mud mask so that the dirts and excess oil in my skin has been removed before I have actually applying the bio-cellulose mask. This helps the essence in bio-cellulose mask to penetrate better into my skin. SO here are the few things that I want to mention after using this Linth Bio-Cellulose Mask such as:

Rating: 4.7/5.0

I think I don’t have to say much about this. The price itself already cheaper than the market price and the quality of this mask is absolutely good! 😊 As this mask gives me sufficient hydration which lasts for about three to four days SO I used to put this mask only ONCE per week which is good enough. (I’m more towards lazy type person which I find that three times of applying sheet mask in just a week is quite tiring LOL). Oh yeah this product definitely worth my money to end my nightmare finally!


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