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Herrich - Testimonials Hao Pimple

My huge concern with my skin are large pores, oily and pimples. As you can see from the image at below:

Herrich - Testimonials Hao Before Use Mud Mask



I get to know HÉRRICH through Facebook in 2020. Their products work perfectly on my skin. I’m now addicted to using their Weissen Active Mud Mask. The mud has natural smell which has no fragrance added inside, it is hydrating, able to stimulate collagen, and tightens skin (important for me!). ALL in ONE!

Just to let you know, I’m one of the gold card members in Sephora which mean I had spent a lot on skincare products. Let me to be honest, when I bought the mud mask from HÉRRICH, they gave me the free brush to keep my hand clean while putting the mud mask on my face. This is such a value added for me! While putting the mud on my face, it feels cool and I don’t feel any itchiness nor pain. You know some of the brand will cause you itchiness and some sort of irritation.

Herrich - Testimonials Hao After Use Mud Mask

This is the result after 5 days of using it, a picture speaks louder than words. Mud mask I only apply twice in the 5 days, and constantly use their cleanser and toner every morning and night.

Results: Brightened my skin, pores obviously get minimized, pimples have reduced, skin feel tightened & refreshed!


Personally I think this mask deserves a high rating. I used to have Dr.Jart+ mask, and after I have used the Linth Bio-cellulose mask, the results that I received is much more than the other brand mask. I can see the instant results on my face after first application. As recommended by HÉRRICH, it is best when using the Weissen Active Mud Mask first and the Linth Bio-cellulose mask come afterwards, both of these products work perfectly to reach impressive results. And it really give me a “WOW’ effect.

This bio-cellulose mask gives me an impressive results compared to the previous masks that I have been using. I think this is because this mask contained lower molecules of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as it claims which helps to penetrate better to deeper layers of the skin. This is the reason why I can see my skin get brightened from inside out!

Pictures before me apply the mask:

Herrich - Testimonials Hao Before use Linth


Herrich - Testimonials Hao After Use Linth

Results: Lifted my skin, my skin get hydrated and most of the fine lines have reduced!

Really satisfied with overall results. Trustworthy and worth for me to try! The results are obvious and I have observed there is a huge improvement on my skin. I feel both products really helped to speed up the recovery of my skin and at the same time leaving my face stay hydrated and refreshed. For me these products are worthy, and I will continue to be their fans for sure! A highly recommended new brand to try out.

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