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Herrich - Testimonials

Product Claims

Weissen Active Mud Mask claims to be a deeply-cleansing on the skin while significantly brightened, detoxified and exfoliated the skin after 20 minutes of apply. Herrlich suggests that this mask is suitable for all skin types.


Herrich - Testimonials

The product comes with a glamourous pink colour box and a recyclable and gorgeous glass jar packaging, which is very eco-friendly as it claims. The glass jar is in aesthetic white and silver colours which is perfect for Instagram shots too! The mask also comes with a silicone applicator brush to scoop the product, the silicone applicator brush is very great option for acne prone skin because silicone won’t harbour any bacteria that could lead to a breakout, it also won’t let your product go to waste because the product won’t be absorbed by the silicone, it is also very easy to clean and no drying time needed for this brush!

Key Ingredients

Diatomaceous Earth Powder: Light-colored porous rock composed of the skeletons of minute sea creatures called diatoms. Typically used as a material in scrub products.

Dead Sea Mud: A naturally occurring substance found in one of the most unique bodies of water in Israel. Dead sea mud is one of the most effective ingredients for absorbing oil, deep cleaning pores, and drawing out impurities.

Glycerin: A skin-replenishing and skin-restoring ingredient, meaning it is a substance found naturally in skin, helping to establish normal balance and hydration. It’s one of the many substances in skin that helps maintain a healthy look and feel, defending against dryness and working to maintain skin’s moisture level. Essentially, glycerin is a master at hydration, and works best when combined with other replenishing and emollient ingredients.

Kaolin Powder: Naturally occurring clay mineral (silicate of aluminum) used in cosmetics for its absorbent properties.

Titanium Dioxide: Inert earth mineral used as a thickening, whitening, lubricating, and sunscreen ingredient in cosmetics. It protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation and is considered no risk of skin sensitivity.

Aloe Vera Extract: A commonly used plant extract that has soothing properties, antioxidant qualities, and serves as a hydrating agent for skin due to its polysaccharide and sterol content.

Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid: An anti-irritant and anti-itch molecule that copies the active ingredient (Avenanthramides) in the well-known soothing plant, oat.

Texture and Scent

It has greyish creamy texture with a little bit of powdery feeling from the diatomaceous earth powder. This product is fragrance free, which is great because fragrance could cause skin irritation and allergy.

Herrich - Testimonials

How to Use?

Apply a thin layer of mud onto cleansed face in a gentle downward motion. Leave the mud on skin for 15-20 minutes, allow mud to dry slightly. Remove the mud by rinsing it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do not scrub while rinsing.

My Experience

My first impression when opening the packaging was “oh my gawddd!’ because the packaging was so pretty, elegant and luxurious, instantly I took a picture and shared in my Instagram story, no joke! I really do enjoy high-quality packaging and this one definitely will join my skincare collection packaging display shelf.

There is no four seasons in Malaysia and it is either sunny or rainy days here. I have combination to oily skin type where I have enlarged pores and my skin was super oily and congested at the same time dehydrated. It is difficult to find a mask that could cater all the problems of my skin and then here I found Weissen Active Mud Mask in rescue to all my skin problems.

I applied this product in a damp face (to avoid water-lost), I applied it very gently on my face so I did not scrub my face too harshly or vigorously. The first feeling was cool and a little bit of tingling sensation, but the tingling sensation disappeared very soon. I applied the mud mask for 15-20 minutes, it did not fully dry on my face and then I quickly removed the mask, the mask was washed quite easily but needed to be extra gentle because of the powder scrub in the mask.

Herrich - Testimonials


Herrich - Testimonials


After rinsing, my skin felt refreshed and my pores were deeply cleansed! My skin looked brightened and healthy. The next day, some of my breakouts shrank and newly-formed small pimples were also gone. The red and irritated spots that I had were also slightly reduced as u can see from the pictures below. I really enjoyed the after feeling of this mask.    

Herrich - Testimonials


Herrich - Testimonials


Final Verdict and Overall Product Rating: 4.5/5

It is overall an effective product and I would give perfect rating except that this mask did not control my oil production the next days. I also disliked the powdery feeling when applying and washing the mask… and yeah! A bit of pricy with the amount inside the jar! Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed the overall experience of using this mask. Would I repurchase? I may consider repurchasing when there is a promotion with this product.

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